Premium Feature

Lien Search is available as a premium feature. Contact Sales to inquire more about access. If you're an existing customer, reach out to your Account Manager or to [email protected].

Middesk customers in the lending and financing spaces may perform due diligence on entities as part of their underwriting process. The Liens Search product covers UCC liens along with Federal and State Tax liens.

  • Debtor: the individual or entity that owes money to another party.
  • Secured Party: the entity to whom money is owed.
  • Filing Date: the date when the UCC1 was filed.
  • Lapse Date: the date when the UCC1 will lapse.
  • File Number: the file number of the UCC1 from which the data is sourced.
  • Status: whether or not the lien is active.

For additional details on requesting a Lien Search via the Orders API, see the Orders section of our API Reference. In contrast, our API reference around Liens provides additional context around our API response and fields.

A UCC lien can also be filed on a Business. For details on using our Lien Filing product, reference the File a Lien section of our API reference.