Premium Feature

Lien Search is available as a premium feature. Contact Sales to inquire more about access.

Middesk customers in the lending and financing spaces may perform due diligence on entities as part of their underwriting process. The Lien Search product helps speed up diligence workflows by returning UCC1 data—and documents, when freely available and accessible—for active liens associated with a registered entity as of the request date. Each search provides details about each of these active liens, including:

  • Debtor: the individual or entity that owes money to another party.
  • Secured Party: the entity to whom money is owed.
  • Collateral Type: the type of collateral on which the lien was filed.
  • Collateral: details about the collateral on which the lien was filed.
  • Filing Date: the date when the UCC1 was filed.
  • File Number: the file number of the UCC1 from which the data is sourced.

Currently, a Lien Search can be only be ordered for a Business programmatically via the API. In the future, Middesk users will be able to order a search via the Dashboard as well when creating a new Business or viewing a previously created business.

For details on how to request a Lien Search via the Orders API, see the Liens section of our API Reference.

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