Lifecycle of a Business

What is the Lifecycle of a Business?

There are multiple states that a Business goes through from creation to approval. Middesk helps track these states, and always provides auditable records of how a report has changed and progressed over time.

Middesk customers are able to build unique programmatic workflows based on the progression of a report through the Lifecycle. They do so by relying on the status field returned in the Business object.


Status of a Business

All Middesk Businesses go through the same Lifecycle after they have been created. These stages can be tracked either through the Middesk Dashboard or the Middesk API by examining the status field within JSON response returned by the Retrieve a Business endpoint.

The following are the various statuses that a Business could be in:

openThe request for the Business has been received, but Middesk has not yet kicked off the searches for this Business.
pendingMiddesk has kicked off searches for this Business, but has not yet completed them.
in_auditMiddesk is required to Audit and ensure the quality of this Business.
in_reviewThe Business is ready to be reviewed by the Middesk client. Action items for the client are listed in the Review Resource.
approvedThe Middesk client moves the Business to an approved status.
rejectedThe Middesk client moves the Business to a rejected status.

When the status of a Business is changed to in_review, Middesk may have a list of action items for you to go through. These action items will be provided in the [Review] Resource, which we will learn more about in the next section.

Middesk designates a User on your Account as the assignee for the Business. The assignee is the User who created the Business in the dashboard. If the Business was instead created via API or Batch, the assignee falls back to the first Account admin User. This fallback assignee can be overridden by contacting [email protected]. The assignee will receive an email when the Business moves to in_review, unless the User in question has disabled notifications in their User settings.

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