Politically Exposed Persons Screening

Middesk offers Politically Exposed Persons Screening inside the Enhanced Screenings package to help you identify Businesses that have increased risk and may need additional due diligence and screening. Our product identifies if the submitted and retrieved officers on the Business are politically exposed persons, or if any of their relatives or close associates is a politically exposed person. Enhanced Screenings can be ordered as part of an add-on to our Business Verification Package. For more information on the technical implementation, please see Politically Exposed Persons.

Types of hits

There are two types of Politically Exposed Persons that can increase risk to your Business.

  • Direct Hits - If the officer of the Business is politically exposed. Middesk will indicate a higher risk status than for someone who is associated with a Politically Exposed Person.
  • Relatives and Close Associates - If someone the officer knows or is related to is politically exposed. These are important to identify since a Politically Exposed Person may act through a relative or close associate to commit financial crimes, which is why the second case is also flagged.

Along with including the results of the Politically Exposed Person in the API response, Middesk will also indicate the type of hit through it's politically exposed person insight.

SuccessThere were no hits on submitted individuals or their relatives and associatesNo hits
WarningThere were hits on relatives and close associates of the submitted individualsAssociate hits
FailureThere were hits on the submitted individualsDirect hits