Global Watchlists

As part of the Enhanced Screenings package, the Business will be run against US and Global Watchlists. This allows for comprehensive screening on sanctions, criminal, and debarment lists all across the globe to reduce your risk of doing business with a sanctioned entity. The product comes with a recommended set of default lists from reputable global financial agencies, however, it can be customized to your compliance program's needs, with thousands of lists to potentially screen against.

Difference from the Watchlists in Business Verification - Verify

Business Verification - Verify also screens against a small set of US federal watchlists. While this may be sufficient for some customers, many customers will need a more comprehensive search with lists from the EU, criminal, arrest, and debarment lists, and more. This package is highly customizable to allow you to tailor it to your compliance program, while keeping false positives low.

The lists contained in Business Verification - Verify can be found here. For a comprehensive list on our Enhanced Screenings package, ask your sales representative or visit the dashboard's setting page Settings > Screenings > Watchlist & Enhanced Screenings.