Tax Registration Statuses

Middesk Agent has mapped out a set of statuses to keep the company informed about the current status of their Payroll Tax or Secretary of State accounts.

The list of possible statuses are given below:

processingWe'll submit the company's registration(s) within 24 hours of the order. The state will then process the registration and pass us back the information.
submittedThe tax registration information has been submitted to the state.
blocked_payroll_dateThe state requires that the employee's first payroll date has passed before submitting the company's registration. We'll register the company with the state the day after the employee's first payroll date.
activeWe manage state compliance by receiving mail from state agencies, providing registered agent services, and filing annual compliance reports.
action_requiredWe need additional information from the company to complete their registration.
unmanagedThe company's account has been registered and is not managed by Middesk.
duplicateWhile attempting to register the account we found an existing one for this company in the state requested.
not_includedRegistration with the Secretary of State is not included in the Basic package. Learn more on our pricing page