Adverse Media

Middesk’s Adverse Media add-on provides an automated, comprehensive search on the business and people names within seconds, surfacing any adverse media sources and their associated risk categories. Adverse Media can help you identify a customer’s potential links to money laundering, financial crime, terrorism, and other risk factors that can lead to financial or reputational damage for your company. Adverse Media is in beta and available as an add-on within our Business Verification solution. A Verify report is required to order the Adverse Media product, and the Adverse Media can be ordered simultaneously or after a Verify order as an add-on. For more details about the technical implementation, please refer to this documentation about the product and the orders endpoint.

How Middesk Helps with Adverse Media

Adverse Media provides a complete search on the business and people names within seconds, complete with insights to help you assess the level of risk and remove subjectivity from the process. These insights include:

  • Risk Level
    • Indicates the low, moderate, or high level of risk associated with the overall business
  • Risk Category
    • Identifies risk categories (e.g., Narcotics, Organized Crime, Terrorism, etc.) for searched business or person names, assigning a risk score to each category
  • Media Sources
    • Direct links to news and media sources where the searched name was found, including the source name, title of article, and URL
  • Sentiment
    • Determines whether the source is positive, neutral, or negative in sentiment
  • Name Match Score
    • Indicates how likely the identified adverse media belongs to the business or person in question

Middesk Adverse Media Risk Scores Threshold

Middesk’s unique Adverse Media insight surfaces a business's overall risk by aggregating the risk level and category of each name searched. The risk level is determined by the highest-risk media source found, so a business with one or more high-risk sources will receive an overall high-risk score.

The levels for risk thresholds are defined as:

  • Low Risk = <33%
  • Moderate Risk = 33 - 66%
  • High Risk = >66%