Using Industry Classification

Details on how to run a request and the categories that are supported.

The Industry Classification product takes as input the name, address, and optionally, website URL of a business. It generates a set of labels and prediction values that a customer can use to identify the specific industries in which an entity operates. Customers can also determine if the entity is likely to operate in a high-risk, prohibited or regulated industry.

You can submit a classification request in one of two ways:

  1. Manually via the dashboard for one-off classifications
  2. Programmatically and automatically via the API

You also have the option to order it as part of a Business or as a standalone Website Order. You can review more details in the linked API Reference pages.

Running an Industry Classification request

Industry Classification enables customers to retrieve a set of label classifications and predictions about the industry of a business just by providing a few basic business details.

Business NamerequiredstringThe name of the business.
Business AddressrequiredobjectThe address of the business.
WebsiteNot requiredobjectThe website URL of the business. Required for Prohibited classifications to be returned. If not provided, only Hierarchical classifications will be returned.

Supported Prohibited Categories for an Industry Classification Request

The output of an Industry Classification request (regardless of whether you do it through a Business or a standalone Website Order) is a set of category labels and associated prediction confidence for each industry in which the business may operate.

Below is a list of the industries that Middesk classifies for the Prohibited classification type. Note that these are only returned if a website URL is provided.

NameCategoryExampleHigh-Risk flag returned?NAICS Parent SectorNAICS CodeSIC Code (Crosswalked)MCC Code
Adult ContentADULT_CONTENTPornography
Dating Sites
Pay-per-View Chat
Financial AggregationAGGREGATIONFactoring
Payment Processors
Counterfeit Goods / Branded GoodsBRANDED_GOODSBusinesses selling (Fake) Brand Name Goods
Unauthorized Resellers
Drug of ConcernDRUG_OF_CONCERNLegal substance that provides the same effect as an illegal drug (e.g., salvia, kratom)TRUEN/AN/AN/AN/A
Drug ParaphernaliaDRUG_PARAPHERNALIADrug Manufacturing
Items for Drug Use
Online Gambling
Fantasy Sports
Get Rich QuickGET_RICH_QUICKCompanies Promoting High Yield Investment Opportunities or ServicesTRUEN/AN/AN/AN/A
High-RiskHIGH_RISKThese categories traditionally present higher risks of fraud, excessive chargebacks, or money laundering.
Diet Centers
Health Clubs
Country Clubs
The use of credit to pay for lending service
Credit card and identity theft protection
Government grants
Subscriptions over one year
Hair Extensions
Extended warranties
Phone services
Prepaid phone cards
Circumvention, jamming and interference devices
Investment and CreditINVESTMENT_CREDITSecurities Brokers
Lending Instruments
Credit Repair
Money and LegalMONEY_LEGALBail Bonds
Collections Agencies
Adoption Services
Multi-level MarketingMULTI_LEVEL_MARKETINGMulti-level Marketing
Pyramid Schemes
Pseudo PharmaceuticalsPSEUDO_PHARMACEUTICALNutraceuticals
Products making health claims not approved by the FDA
Regulated ProductsREGULATED_ILLEGALWeapons / Firearms
Tobacco and E-Cig
Prescription Drugs
Social Media ActivitySOCIAL_MEDIA_ACTIVITYSale of Twitter Followers
Sale of Online Traffic
Sale of YouTube Views
Virtual CurrencyVIRTUAL_CURRENCYInitial Coin Offerings
Digital Wallets
Video Game Credits
Other Non-ProhibitedOTHER_NON_PROHIBITEDThis label would be returned with high confidence when we assess the risk of the business operating in a prohibited industry to be lowFALSEN/AN/AN/AN/A

Supported NAICS/SIC Categories for an Industry Classification Request

Regardless of whether a website URL is provided or not, Industry Classification can return NAICS classifications (check the official NAICS website for examples in each category). Some of the NAICS codes are cross-walked with SIC codes. See the supported codes here.

Supported MCC Categories for an Industry Classification Request

Regardless of whether a website URL is provided or not, Industry Classification can return MCC classifications. See the supported codes here.