Utilizing the Review Resource

A particularly meaningful Resource to be mindful of is the Review Resource in the Business object. When a Business status changes to in_review, it means that Middesk has completed its investigation into that Business and is now ready for you to review.

At this stage, Middesk might have a list of action items regarding the Business for you to review. These action items will be included in the Tasks attribute of the Review object:

  "object": "review",
  "id": "0eb9094c-33fc-49eb-b5a5-18101d948857",
  "created_at": "2020-03-06 19:20:29 UTC",
  "updated_at": "2020-03-06 19:23:24 UTC",
  "completed_at": "2020-03-06 19:23:24 UTC",
  "assignee": {
    "object": "user",
    "id": "827833fe-b442-480e-9e89-d0d309ce090c",
    "name": "John Smith",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "roles": [
    "image_url": "https://example.com",
    "last_login_at": "2020-03-06 19:09:07 UTC"
  "tasks": []

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