Enhanced Screenings

Many organizations need to avoid doing Business with sanctioned entities in order to stay compliant. They also are required by law to screen for Politically Exposed Persons, which tend to be more susceptible to partaking in financial crime, increasing the risk for the organization. Middesk offers an Enhanced Screening package that provides a way to perform comprehensive screenings against U.S. and global watchlists, sanctions, and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) for the business and associated people to combat financial crimes and lower risk exposure. With our Enhanced Screenings product, what once required a highly manual search can now be completed within seconds.

How Middesk Helps with Enhanced Screenings

Enhanced Screenings helps you identify risk exposure early on and streamline the evaluation process, removing the burden of subjectivity and time-consuming manual reviews for analysts by quickly surfacing the most valuable insights and providing a decision-making framework that satisfies regulators. These insights include:

  • PEP Insights: Contains insights about whether the identified PEP is a direct hit or an association, a match score on the name and aliases, key identification and association details, and direct links to source data.
  • Global Watchlists & Sanctions Insights: Contains insights including the source agency and watchlist name, match score for the submitted name or entity, and direct links to source data.
  • Custom Risk Tolerance Threshold: Set your risk tolerance to low, medium, or high based on your organization’s policies, allowing you to filter results to reduce noise and false positives.

Learn more about Global Watchlists here, and Politically Exposed Persons here.