Identity Overview

Identity provides a complete toolkit for companies that need to verify the legitimacy of a business during onboarding, when underwriting a financial product, while conducting a compliance screening, or during any number of other use cases.

Identity takes a limited set of inputs and generates a complete and up-to-date report that can be used to automate any number of workflows. In the case that a business needs more enhanced review, Identity supports multiple workflows to streamline the diligence process.

Identity reports can be created in one of two ways:

  1. Manually via the dashboard for one-off verifications
  2. Programmatically and automatically via the API

Running an Identity report

Middesk enables customers to retrieve a rich set of information about a business based on just a few inputs. Customers can pass Middesk the following details about a Business to order a detailed report on that entity:

Business Name


The legal name of the Business you are verifying. This should be the name the Business has registered with the U.S. IRS or the Secretary of State in their state of incorporation.

Business Addresses


A list including the physical addresses of a business. For larger companies, this commonly includes the address of their headquarters (HQ) location.

Taxpayer Identification Number


A unique 9-digit number that is used by the IRS to identify a business entity.

Must be passed in order to conduct TIN verification.



The website for a given business.

Must be passed in order to classify industry and verify website.

Phone Number


The phone number for a given business

Must be passed in order to verify phone.



A list of people associated with the business.

It should be noted that the more details about a business a customer passes, the higher confidence Middesk will have in the resulting report. Because Middesk has high data quality standards and abides by the principles of data completeness, accuracy, and freshness, passing less information about a business may require Middesk conduct additional quality assurance of a subset of reports.

After creating a business, Middesk immediately begins searching for business records based on the information provided. Once a business is created and Middesk returns results, we use Tasks to manage the remaining steps of the workflow.

Results of an Identity report

The Identity product is a single resource through which to retrieve the core details about any registered business entity. The product bundles together the following reports:



Name / TIN Verification

Verifies that the submitted Business name and Tax ID match.

Secretary of State Filing Retrieval

Searches all 50 Secretary of States and D.C. to uncover state registrations and "footprint" of a Business. Based on state availability, each record may provide a rich dataset including entity name, registration date, entity type, registered addresses, and corporate officers.

Detailed Address Analysis

Aggregates all known addresses retrieved from both state filings and web presence, displaying them with both street and satellite images. Assesses deliverability and type (eg, P.O. Box, commercial, residential) of each address.

Business Names

Collection of all developed business name linked to a business with matching of submitted name


All listed officers found in the business Secretary of State Filings with associated role

Web Presence / Validation

Searches for Business across popular search engines to display most relevant results and all social profiles. Validates submitted web address to extract relevant business details.

Consolidated OFAC Screening

Searches government watchlists to determine Business sanctions status, applying advanced identity matching logic to reduce false positives.


A detailed summary of all searches, flagging risk factors base on results across screenings and developed entity information

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