Premium Feature

Liens are available as a premium feature. Contact Sales to inquire more about access. If you're an existing customer, reach out to your Account Manager or to [email protected].

Liens can be searched for a Business, which will return UCC1, UCC3 and federal tax filing information for all liens currently associated with that Business. Doing so can speed up due diligence workflows for underwriting and credit teams.

A UCC lien can also be filed on a Business.

  "object": "lien",
  "id": "2c6bcf81-21c8-4f71-b6c0-1e738338dadf",
  "business_id": "e26a3190-025b-013c-f5b5-5aa588cff64e",
  "type": "ucc",
  "state": "NY",
  "status": "closed",
  "debtors": [{"name": "ECHO INDUSTRIES, INC."}],
  "lapse_date": "2026-04-01",
  "file_number": "202106034215811",
  "filing_date": "2021-04-01",
  "updated_date": null,
  "secured_parties": [{
    "addresses": [{
      "address_line1": "330 N Brand Blvd",
      "address_line2": "Suite 700",
      "city": "Glendale, CA",
      "state": "CA",
      "postal_code": "91203",
      "full_address": "330 N Brand Blvd, Suite 700, Glendale, CA 91203"
  "negative_pledge": false,
  "source": "",
  "liability_cents": null,
  "documents": [
      "object": "document",
      "id": "294227b2-0144-4392-8b6a-dcb152815f83",
      "document_type": "Initial filing",
      "filename": "3389871_Initial_Filing_2019-01-07",
      "content_type": "application/pdf",
      "size": 62365,
      "download_url": "",
      "created_at": "2019-11-01T02:10:35.360Z",
      "filing_date": "2019-01-07T00:00:00.000Z"
  "collateral": "All assets",
  "collateral_type": "Blanket"


typestringThe type of lien ("ucc", "state", or "federal").
statestringThe state in which the lien was filed.
statusstringThe status of the lien. One of open, closed, or unknown.
debtorsDebtors[]The name(s) of the parties who owe money.
secured_partiesSecuredParties[]The parties and available addresses to whom money is owed.
filing_datetimestampThe date on which the lien was filed.
lapse_datetimestampThe date on which the lien is set to expire.
updated_datetimestampThe date on which the filing was updated, if applicable.
negative_pledgebooleanWhether or not the debtor(s) are able to extend a pledge of its assets to a lender besides the secured party.
sourcestringLink to primary lien data.
liability_centsintegerThe total liability in cents (available for federal tax liens).
documentsDocument[]The UCC documents associated with this lien. The document_type for a UCC1 is "Initial Filing". For more details, see the Document API reference. If the Search to Reflect feature is enabled, the UCC-1 document will also show up in this object.
collateralstringA description of the lien collateral
collateral_type"Blanket", "Collateral", or "Unknown""Blanket" if the collateral represents all assets, "Collateral" if it covers specific collateral, or "Unknown" if we are unable to determine the type.


addressesAddressAddresses associated with the secured party
namestringThe name of the secured party
emailstringThe email address of the secured party


addressesAddressAddress associated with the secured party
namestringThe name of the debtor