Websites are rich sources of information about corporate entities and are helpful in verifying the legitimacy of a business. Thanks to common web design practices, there are very frequently a minimum set of pages on a company's corporate website, each of which may contain a wealth of data:

  • Home: Provides information like business overview, services provided, product features, nature of business, and client lists.
  • Contact: Provide information like phone numbers, addresses, office locations, and hours of operation.
  • Products or Services: Provide specifics on goods or services offered.
  • Privacy Policy: Provide data such as addresses, entity names, and critical legal considerations. These critical to assess when a business is collecting sensitive user data.
  • Terms of Service: Provide details such as entity names, addresses, and critical legal considerations. These are critical to consider when a business is entering into agreements with its customers and partners at scale.

In sum, reviewing this minimum set of pages can help build a deeper picture of the business entity and help establish the credibility of associated businesses.

How Middesk helps with Website review

When passed website during Business creation, Middesk offer tools for accelerating the review of business sites. Middesk identifies a website's core pages like Home and Contact, and extracts key terms, entities, and data points. Should the website not have this set of core pages, Middesk flags this gap.

Based on the retrieved website information, Middesk summarizes the review as follows:

SuccessWebsite was Online when the business record was orderedOnline
FailureWebsite was Offline when the business record was orderedOffline
SuccessSuccessfully found entity details on the submitted WebsiteVerified
WarningUnable to find entity details on the submitted WebsiteUnverified
FailureThe website has been purchased but has no content.Parking Page

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