Politically Exposed Persons

As a part of our Enhanced Screenings package, people will be run through our Politically Exposed Person feature. Once completed, a Business that has Enhanced Screenings will have the following objects:

Politically Exposed Person Screening

idMiddesk generated unique identifier for the PEP Screening Objectyes
resultsAn array of Politically Exposed Person Resultsmay be []

Politically Exposed Person Result

The Politically Exposed Person results will contain the information about the people close to the officers or related to the Business who qualify as a Politically Exposed Person. The sources on the Person can be leveraged to identify which PEP belongs to which Person.

idstringMiddesk generated unique identifier for the PEP Result Objectyes
aliasesstring[]Other names for the Politically Exposed Personmay be []
birth_namestringThe name that the PEP was born withmay be null
birth_placestringThe place that the PEP was bornmay be null
citizenship_countrystringThe country that the PEP has citizenship inmay be null
dobdateThe date of birth of the PEPmay be null
employersstring[]The employment history of the PEPmay be []
hit_typestringIf the PEP is a direct, direct_alias or association hit. Association hits are PEP that an officer of the Business is associated withwill be one of direct_alias, association, direct.
membershipsstring[]Clubs, associations, parties that the PEP is involved withmay be []
namestringName of the PEPmay be null
professional_historystring[]Current and past employers of the PEPmay be []
scorefloatThe score indicates the confidence in the match between the officer and the found PEP resultyes
source_urlsstring[]Sources where more details can be found regarding the PEPmay be []