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Introduction to Middesk

Welcome to Middesk!

The fundamental purpose of the Middesk API is for you to have the most up-to-date information about the business that you are engaging with at all times.

In the real world, businesses are not static entities. As you engage with your customers over time, each will have new Registrations, Addresses, Names, and more. Whether you are evaluating risk for underwriting a financial offer or are looking to understand the growth rates of a business, Middesk will be constantly evaluating opportunities to push you new and relevant information.

The API uses a single primary object. The Businesses object represents the business entity that you are engaging with. Each Businesses has a number of different Resources, each with their own attributes that can help you to understand the details about that business, which can be used in your own risk models or product workflows.

What's Next

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Overview of Businesses

Introduction to Middesk

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