Industry Classification

Middesk's True Industry product relies on two main activities: aggregation of business website content, and classification of that content through a proprietary machine learning algorithm trained on tens of thousands of business websites.

Basic industry classification flow

The True Industry product today follows a straightforward flow that involves one action or request from a customer.

At a high level, the product is designed as follows:

  1. A customer passes Middesk a business website either through the Middesk Dashboard or the Middesk True Industry API.
  2. Upon receiving the website, Middesk aggregates the web content associated with that website, collecting information across numerous pages of the site.
  3. Middesk sends the aggregated web content to a proprietary machine learning model to develop a set of classification label predictions.
  4. Middesk returns this full set of label predictions to the customer through the Dashboard or via webhook.

A diagram of these activities is offered below.