The Middesk agent product provides a quick solution to setup tax accounts for any company. Use our tax registration product to create all of the accounts needed for any company to operate and pay employees in any state.

The Tax Registration product supports:

  • Creation of withholding tax accounts
  • Creation of unemployment tax accounts
  • Registration of company with Secretary of State (when required)

Creating tax accounts for your company

Visit agent.middesk.com, where you can login to your Middesk account. Once logged in follow the instructions to complete the application process. Once completed we'll notify you via email about the status of your state tax accounts. You can also visit the agent dashboard to check on the status of your tax registrations and view results.

Creating tax accounts for your customers

Middesk's tax registration product supports setting up tax accounts for any company in any state. You can take advantage of our tax registration services for your customers.

You can set your customers with their state tax accounts in one of two ways.

  1. Manually, using the Middesk tax registration dashboard.
  2. Programatically using the Tax Registration Hosted Flow.

Your customers can login to agent.middesk.com at any time to view the status of their registrations.

You can view the status of your customer's registrations from the Middesk tax registration dashboard.

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