Sandbox vs. Production

The Sandbox environment enables you to familiarize yourself and experiment with the Middesk API before going live in a Production environment. Listed below are some key differences between the two environments:

Depth of report information

Middesk provides a rich set of information for its Businesses. In Production, a Business could have a significant number of Resources associated with it such as multiple registration records, multiple addresses, multiple officers, and so on. The Sandbox environment provides enough information to build an integration, but the variance in the data that is returned is limited in order to address the most common integration use cases.

Business lifecycle

As referenced in the Lifecycle of a Business section, Middesk transitions a Business through multiple statuses, from pending to in_review. The Sandbox environment supports all of these statuses, with the exception of the in_audit status. When building in Sandbox, it's important to take this difference into consideration.


In Sandbox, Documents are retrieved for every Business that is created. In Production, this is a premium feature. If interested in learning more, please contact sales.

Additional features

Business Batches

Businesses can be created in Batches in both the Sandbox and Production environments. Use this feature to create many businesses at once, and provide attributes as detailed in the table above to trigger different verification scenarios as desired.

Industry Classification

Classifications can be created for Sandbox businesses if a website URL is inputted or as stand-alone classifications. For both products, the possible inputs to get different results are described below:

Website URLResults
Contains highriskIncludes a result in a high-risk category.
Anything elseResults only in low-risk categories.


To test subscriptions, create a business with the inputs described below. The business will automatically have a subscription with the corresponding event type. After a minute, the business and its records will be updated accordingly to simulate the occurrence of that event, which you can receive by creating a webhook or polling for updates.

Event TypeInput FieldValueDescription
watchlist_result.createdBusiness NameWatchlist Result Created IncA new Watchlist Result will be created for the Business
tin.retrievedTI111222333The TIN will initially be unknown and then become verified.

User Roles and Permissions

Each Middesk user has a role that allows for specific capabilities:

  1. Member: Basic team member; can create and view Businesses
  2. Developer: Includes all Member privileges as well as the ability to view (and edit where appropriate) API Keys, Webhooks, APILogs, and IPAllowLists
  3. Admin: All privileges; includes Developer privileges as well as the ability to add team members and to create business batches)

What’s Next