Business Lifecycle

Why use a Lifecycle?

There are multiple steps to compiling and delivering a Middesk Business report. From request to approval, there are multiple states of a report. Middesk helps track these states, and always provides auditable records of how a report has changed and progressed over time.

Middesk customers frequently build unique programmatic workflows and decision schemes based on the progression of a report through the Lifecycle.

What statuses does Middesk use?

All Middesk Business reports follow a similar Lifecycle of statuses. These can be tracked either through the Middesk Dashboard or through the Middesk API.

The statuses are the following:

OpenThe request for the Business has been received, but no searches have yet been kicked off for this Business.
PendingMiddesk has kicked off searches for this Business, but they have not yet completed.
In AuditMiddesk is required to Audit and ensure the quality of this Business report.
In ReviewYou have an action to take on this Business.
ApprovedThe Business meets your screening requirements.
RejectedThe Business does not meet your screening requirements

The basic flow of this Lifecycle is captured in the diagram below.


Basic Middesk report lifecycle


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