Tax Registrations

Tax Registration objects allow you to set up tax accounts for a company in any US state.

objectstringA definition of the type of object returned.
completed_attimestampTax registration completion timestamp.
statusstringThe current status of the tax registration. View all possible statuses.
statestringThe US state of the tax registration being registered.
itemsobject[]Tax Registration Items correspond to the individual tax ID numbers and rates for each state.
employee_countintegerNumber of employees in the state of registration.
inactive_employee_countintegerNumber of inactive employees formerly employed in the state of registration (if applicable).
tax_accountsobject[]A list of state tax account login information.
formation_statestringThe US state of formation.
legal_namestringThe legal name of the company
einstringThe company's employer identification number. A nine digit number with no formatting.
contact_namestringName for the company's primary contact.
contact_emailstringEmail for the company's primary contact.
contact_phone_numberstringPhone number for the company's primary contact.
dba_namestringThe company's "doing business as" name.
entity_typestring"corporation" or "llc"
formation_datedateDate the company was formed.
industrystringThe industry in which the company operates.
purposestringDescription of the company's purpose.
naics_codeinteger6 digit NAICS code.
acquiredbooleanSpecifies whether or not the company was acquired.
acquisition_datedateDate in which the company was acquired.
previous_legal_namestringThe previous legal name of the company, if applicable.
legal_entity_changedbooleanAn entity change is a change in the structure of the business.
fiscal_year_enddateFiscal year end date in current year.
addressesobject[]Addresses associated with the company.
individualsobject[]Officers, owners, and other individuals associated with the company.