Many businesses will register to operate in multiple states. For every state that a business is registered in, Middesk returns a registration record.

            "object": "registration",
            "id": "2d780017-23d2-485c-a1c2-073524851747",
            "business_id": "6fa5f1bd-afc8-49e4-985e-77cb2f0c28c1",
            "name": "MIDDESK, INC.",
            "status": "unknown",
            "jurisdiction": "DOMESTIC",
            "entity_type": "CORPORATION",
            "file_number": "6782397",
            "addresses": [
                "2035 SUNSET LAKE RD, NEWARK, DE 19702"
            "officers": [],
            "registration_date": "2018-03-05",
            "state": "DE",
            "source": ""
namestringThe name that is registered with the Secretary of State in that state
statusstringThe current filing status of that business in that state. Possible values are:
> active - The business license is active and in good standing in that state
inactive - The business license is inactive in that state
* unknown - The state does not provide business license status
entity_typestringThe type of entity as detailed in formation
file_numberstringThe unique identifier for that business with the state.
addressesstring[]An array containing a list of the addresses that are filed with the state
jurisdictionstringA string indicating is a FOREIGN or DOMESTIC filing in this state.
officersobject[]A nested object containing the details of each officer or agent mentioned on a given registration record
officers.namestringThe full name of the officer or agent that is listed as associated with the entity.
officers.rolesstringThe known title of the officer or agent associated with the entity.
registration_datestringThe date that this business registered with the specific state for operation.
statestringThe state in reference
sourcestringA link to the secretary of state website for that specific state