Create a Business Batch

This endpoint is used to create a new Business Batch. Once created, the Business Batch will automatically begin the process of verifying the legitimacy of all Businesses specified in the batch concurrently. Results for a business batch can be retrieved using the List all Businesses endpoint and passing the business_batch_id returned by this endpoint as a query parameter.

CSV Format

The first row in your CSV should include all Column Titles for which you'd like to provide information (minimally all required headers, you may leave optional columns out entirely). Every following row should be a sequence of values associated to each Column Title.

Any potential errors due to invalid column values are explained in the Errors column.

Column TitleDescriptionExampleRequiredErrors
nameThe Business nameMiddeskRequiredName can't be blank
addressThe full Business address577 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94105Required if address components are not providedAddress can't be blank
address2_line1 ...
The Business street address577 Howard StRequired if address is not providedN/A
address2_line2 ...
The Business secondary street address (e.g. Floor #, Suite #)Suite 400Required if address is not providedN/A
address2_city ...
The city in which the Business operatesSan FranciscoRequired if address is not providedN/A
address2_state ...
The state in which the Business operates. Please use a two character state abbreviationCARequired if address is not providedN/A
address2_postal_code ... address5_postal_code
The postal code in which the Business operates94105Required if address is not providedN/A
person_name1, person_name2 ... person_name9The name of a person associated with the BusinessKyle MackNot RequiredN/A
person_dob2 ...
The date of birth of a person associated with the Business2023-10-12Not RequiredN/A
external_idA custom id that can be attached to this12345678Not RequiredThe custom id must be unique in the collection of businesses you submit within the batch.
phone_numberThe phone number associated with the Business6507970487Not RequiredN/A
tinThe Tax Identification Number (TIN) of the Business123410000Not RequiredN/A
websiteThe website of the Businesshttps://www.middesk.comNot RequiredN/A
dba_nameThe "Doing Business As" nameMiddeskNot Required
order_product1, order_product2, order_product3, order_product4Orders to submit for the business in that row. Up to 4 orders may be submitted per row. If no orders are specified then the desired orders will be inferred based on account setting and what fields were provided.websiteNot Required