A business can have many people.

When a KYC order is requested, the person will include a kyc object. See KYC for more details.

  "object": "person",
  "name": "John Doe",
  "submitted": false,
  "titles": [
      "object": "person_title",
      "title": "president"
      "object": "person_title",
      "title": "registered agent"
  "sources": [
      "id": "5d1308ad-0d33-472d-8e61-ed223649d074",
      "type": "registration",
      "metadata": {
        "state": "CA",
        "status": "active",
        "file_number": "C4221590"
  "kyc": {
    "object": "kyc_result",
    "provider_external_id": "2cf895d3-83a0-4b2c-a5f2-aa49dd0fc591",
    "provider": "socure",
    "decision": "accept",
    "result": {}
namestringThe name of the person.
titlesobject []An array of objects, each representing a position within the business which the person holds.
submittedbooleanIndicates whether this person was submitted at the time you created the business (true), or was found over the course of searching Secretary of State records (false).
titles[].titlestringThe title of the position the person holds.
sourcesobject []A nested object containing the source details for each source where the person was identified.
sources[].typestringThe source type for the person. Possible values are:
>* registration - The person was found based on government registration records
sources[].metadataobject []A nested object containing the specific details for each person source.
sources[].metadata.file_numberstringThe unique identifier of the Secretary of State record where that person was found.
sources[].metadata.statestringThe specific state where the person was found
sources[].metadata.statusstringThe current filing status of the business within the given state according to the source record. Possible values are:
> active - The business license is active in that state
inactive - The business license is inactive in that state
* unknown - The state does not provide business license status
kycobject []An object containing the person's KYC results

Note: KYC is a premium feature. Talk to sales to have it enabled.
kyc.provider_external_idstringAn external id unique to the person's Socure request. This id can be used on Socure's dashboard to see more in depth details about the person's KYC order.
kyc.decisionstringThe final decision on this person from Socure if the decision module was enabled. The result can be null if the decision module wasn't requested orreject, refer, resubmit, review, or accept.

See Socure's decision module guide for more details (Socure login required).
kyc.resultobject []An object containing all of the raw information returned from Socure about this person.

Note that these fields will changed based on what Socure modules you have enabled on your account.

See Socure's docs for more details of the available fields (Socure login required)