Premium Feature

Bankruptcies are available as a premium feature. Contact Sales to inquire more about access.

Bankruptcy monitoring is a critical function when taking on financial balance sheet risk when managing and on-boarding customers.

  "object": "bankruptcy",
  "id": "1a26be73-477b-4835-bfa3-854f76117efe",
  "business_id": "cbb789ab-1d83-4151-a3ea-f914ade31946"
  "case_number": "3:19-bk-03813",
  "case_updates": [
      "description": "Joint Administration - Motion (Multi)",
      "guid": "",
      "pub_date": "2020-08-17 01:47:28.000000 UTC"
  "chapter": 7,
  "court": "Southern District of California",
  "filing_date": "2020-08-16",
  "debtors:" [
    	"name": "Middesk Inc." 
case_numberstringThe bankruptcy court case number
debtorsobject[]The list of debtors
debtors[].namestringThe name of the debtor
court_typestringThe two letter abbreviation for the type of court case. Bankruptcies are filed under br
chapterintegerThe chapter of the bankruptcy code in which the case falls under
statestringThe state in which the bankruptcy occurs
courtstringThe name of the court in which the hearing took place
officestringThe court number
trusteestringThe administrator assigned to the bankruptcy case
case_updatesobject[]The list of updates associated to the bankruptcy case
case_updates[].descriptionstringInformation about the case update
case_updates[].guidstringThe url to the case update
case_updates[].pub_datestringThe publish date of the case update
filing_datestringThe filing date of the bankruptcy