Premium Feature

Subscriptions are available as a premium feature. Contact Sales to inquire more about access. If you're an existing customer, reach out to your Account Manager or to [email protected].

A Subscription object can be created for a Business to indicate event_types that you wish to monitor. A Subscription with an "active" event_type means that Middesk is monitoring the subscribed Business for Events of that type. For example, the "bankruptcy.created" Event type means that we're monitoring for new Bankruptcies related to this Business. We would update the Business and send an Event to your Webhook if we detect a new Bankruptcy.

event_typesobject[]A list of Event types. Each list element is an object containing information about the current state of that type for this Subscription.

The event_type object

typestringThe name of the type (e.g. "bankruptcy.created")
statusstringThe status of the type, see below for possible values.

Event type statuses

It isn't possible to subscribe to all event_types for every Business. For instance, a Business for which Middesk does not find any SOS Registrations cannot be subscribed to for Bankruptcies, as there would be no attributes to which to tie Bankruptcies. Subscription event_type.status tracks whether the Subscription is "active" or "inactive" for a particular event_type. In some instances, we need to wait for the Business to process to know the event_type.status. In this case, it would be "pending".

"active"The Business was successfully subscribed to this event_type.
"inactive"This event_type is not available for this Business, and the Business will not be monitored for changes related to this event_type.
"pending"It is not yet known if the Business can be subscribed to this event_type (e.g. the Business is still processing)

Live Event types

Middesk currently offers Subscriptions on the following Event types. For more information on what webhook requests to expect after creating a Subscription, visit this page here.

If you have something about a Business that you'd like to monitor and don't see it below, please reach out to [email protected].

bankruptcy.createdA new Bankruptcy has been added to the subscribed Business.Available if the subscribed Business has SOS Registrations.
watchlist_result.createdA new Watchlist Result has been added to the Watchlist of the subscribed Business.Always available.
registrationA change has been detected for an SOS Registration associated with this Business.

Monitored changes include added or removed Names, Addresses, People, and updates to Registration status.
Available if the subscribed Business has SOS Registrations.
tin.retrievedRuns checks on a set cadence for 2 weeks to find the TIN for a Business that was previously unknown.Available for Businesses with TIN submissions.