Separate Assignee and Status for the Middesk Orders API

Prior to this release, the reviewer assignee and status of the business could only be applied across the entire business entity.

  • Our past hierarchy meant that there couldn't be a different assignee for each Middesk product. For example, the same assignee would have to review both the compliance and underwriting data (the KYB report and the Liens search/filing).
  • It was also challenging to determine which order/product has been fulfilled as the business status is marked as "in_review" only when all orders have been completed (see Business Lifecycle). For example, a TIN order may be ordered and fulfilled before the full KYB report, and by differentiating the status, your team will now be able to act immediately on each order as they are fulfilled.

In this new release, Middesk will now allow Orders API to be updated through a new PATCH endpoint (/v1/orders/id) endpoint. Teams can now approve or reject the order or change the assignee_id.


We are also adding the package field, where you can designate the specific Middesk product being updated. Note that either the product or package field can be used, but at least one of these fields must be included in the API call.

Sample Patch Orders JSON Body:

  "object": "order",  
  "id": "f6e17e96-b712-49ca-bfb4-ae0f6de9117e",  
  "completed_at": "2023-05-10T23:39:18.222Z",  
  "created_at": "2023-05-10T23:39:12.126Z",  
  "product": "identity",  
  "package": "identity",  
  "assignee_id": "c30da51d-3f0f-4868-9c1b-d37257e7bf84",  
  "requester": {  
      "name": "Ziggy Stardust"  
  "status": "approved",  
  "updated_at": "2023-05-10T23:39:18.222Z"