Improvements to the Business Verification Model, Orders, and Policies

To close out the past quarter, our product and engineering team has been working hard on product and technical updates to our Business Verification models and attribute matching, Orders workstreams, and Policies behavior.

Business Verification Model

In the past few months, we have been updating the underlying matching models and sourcing additional data sources to continue increasing our match rates across the business names and office addresses.

Entity Type Verification

With the release of the entity_type field under the formation object in the Create a Business endpoint, Middesk will verify if the submitted business entity type matches the Secretary of State registration. The values that can be submitted are CORPORATION, LLC, PARTNERSHIP, NON-PROFIT, TRUST, or SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP. Middesk will return the verification result within the dashboard and API (entity_type_match within the Retrieve a Business endpoint).


Users can also use a unique ID in the unique_external_id to prevent duplicate business orders through the Business API endpoints (Create a Business, Update a Business, List All Businesses). When the exact string is submitted twice in the unique_external_id field, Middesk will return an error message indicating a duplicate business order.

For our new re-orders workflow, you can use the order.created and the order.updated webhook events to track the status of orders on a business efficiently.


To enhance our Policies feature, Middesk is incorporating workflow triggers that can be used to assign a business to an individual for review, place a new product order, or auto-decision based on the policy results or business status outcomes.